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National CWUYouth Committee

The CWUYouth exists to co-ordinate and advance the interests of our 22,500 members under the age of 30. Its 10 members are annually elected by Conference each year and they are augmented by 2 members of the National Executive Council and supported by an officerial team at head office.

The election for the new Youth Committee for 2015/16 is currently in progress. Those already elected unopposed are: There are a number of ballots for the contested seats. This page will be updated shortly.


Ben Abrams

Youth Committee Chair
Branch: Leeds No 1 Amal
Region: North East
Employer: Parcelforce

I work for Parcelforce Worldwide. I am a Labour Party and Co-op party member and also Young Labour national committee rep.

I've been an active member of the CWU since 2011 and hold the positions of Branch youth Officer and Regional Youth Secretary. I am honoured to have been elected chair of the National Youth Committee this July. I also represent the CWU on Young Labours National Committee.

I have a keen interest in cooking and actually grow a lot of my own vegetables on my allotment!


Charlotte Regan

Youth Committee Vice Chair
Branch: Greater London Combined
Region: London
Employer: BT Openreach

I work for Openreach and am on full time union duties for the CWU. My branch is Greater London Combined. I have been actively involved in the union for 6years and this is my 4th year on the committee. I hope the year ahead is positive and that we can get more young members to our events to show them the importance of having a voice.


Alan Bebbington
Branch: Cheshire No 1
Region: North West
Employer: Royal Mail

I am currently the branch youth rep for the branch, IR rep for my delivery office and also a national members auditor.

I have been working for Royal Mail in delivery for 6 years and have been actively involved in the union for over 4 years.

My hobbies include online gaming, watching films and going out socialising.


Jake Fear

Branch: South Wales
Region: Wales
Employer: BT Openreach

Hi my names Jake Fear and I work for BT Openreach in West Wales as a customer service engineer and am a Branch Youth Officer for the South Wales Branch. I joined the CWU in 2011 and have been active since 2013. I enjoy motorsports especially motocross and travel around the U.K in my spare time watching major events. I also enjoy music and play the guitar, not very well though!

Being part of the CWU Youth Committee is a huge privilege and am excited for the oncoming year. I hope to network myself with more people and learn new skills I need to progress me. The CWU Youth is a great way to do this as they hold some amazing events throughout the year and everybody is so supportive. I feel grateful for this opportunity and I hope more young member will get involved this year and come and see what we have to offer.


Colm McAuley

Branch: Northern Ireland Combined
Region: Northern Ireland
I am currently the branch youth rep for the branch. I am a member of the National Youth Committee.

I am 25 years old, married and have 3 kids; 8 years old and 2 year old twins!

I have been working for Royal Mail delivery for 6 years and have been actively involved in the union for 3.5 years.

I am also a keen sportsman as I play soccer GAA and Aussie Rules. I follow Glasgow Celtic Football Club.


Becca Hufton

Branch: Kent Invicta
Region: South East
Employer: Royal Mail

My name is Becca Hufton and my branch is Kent Invicta. I currently work at Medway mail centre where, not only am I the youth rep, I hold an IR position. I have been in the union for a total of 18 months, and have become more active over this time.

When not in the office I enjoy hiking, reading, festivals and being active in the union. Whilst part of the National Youth Committee, I hope to see an increase in our youth members in order for us to gain a more productive stance.

Head Office Support:

Brendan O'Brien, NEC
Mahmood Ali, NEC

Simon Sapper, National Officer
Jo Thair, PA

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