How do I get involved?


Why Youth?

The CWU recognises that in order to stay relevant in a modern ever changing working environment, we need younger member's input.

Younger member issues can be different to those of some other groups within the CWU. The CWU campaigns on many youth issues affecting you in and outside of your working lives. For example, one of the biggest issues that affects our young members today is the lack of affordable housing as well as your pay, terms and conditions and progression in your workplace. CWU Youth has actively campaigned on these issues

  • The minimum wage
  • Apprenticeships in Postal and Telecoms industries
  • Equality for Agency Workers
  • Learning at work
  • Protection against working long hours
  • Rest periods
  • Time off

More CWU and Union activities...

  • Equality Opportunities for all more info
  • Recruitument & Organising more info
  • Health & Safety more info
  • Political & Campaigning activities

We want younger CWU members and potential members to get more involved in the union and in turn feel empowered and enthused to become active, be active and remain active. Be involved!

The CWU now has a growing number of young workers involved at every level of the union's structure. We have young workers representing colleagues in the workplace, meeting with Members of Parliament to express your ideas and because young workers campaigned for it, youth representatives now have a voice on the two National Industrial Committees who lead negotiations with the employer.

Do you want to make your voice heard? Become active! Be an activist!

Every member will already be part of a local Branch, usuallly consisting of a grouping of members who are employed in a similar industry or perform a similar type of role at work. There are many ways you can become active in the CWU but most people will start with their Branch. Branches range in size and function, all will have a Branch Secretary who is responsible for day to day running of the Branch.

To find out which Branch you come under email:

Please use subject header: Getting involved

With your First name, Surname, Employer, Workplace and if you know it your (9 digit) membership number.

If you are already familiar with your local Union Representative this is also a good place to start. Ask your local Rep if you can help out locally, he or she will be able to put you in touch with your Branch Office too.

If you would like one to one advice about getting involved please contact Jo Thair at CWU Head Office via email or call 0208 971 7487.