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Youth organising weekend It's not so Scarey

sam hodge

sam hodge

10 January 2011

I have just participated on my first weekend away learning recruitment skills at the CWU education & training centre in Alvescot. I can’t recommended this course enough for the youth reps that want to get involved in building a stronger union for the CWU and its future.Now I for one was not very good at school with learning having problems with dyslexia (reading & writing) but don’t worry about putting yourself forward at Alverscot lodge, the staff are very helpful with each individuals needs.

We started off on Friday night by getting to know one and other and talking about what the course involved. There was a wide range of CWU youth reps at the event. Four from the postal sector, two from the telecom sector and a portable member from a non-recognized company. On the Saturday we went through a wide range of recruitment skills from a first contact with a potential member e.g.

·         Body language

·         Eye contact

·         Leave them with a good impression of yourself

We finished by learning how to map out a whole branch for potential future members. This involves braking down a branch into depots, then different shifts, ages, sex until you have separated a large area into manageable sections.

I feel like I have come away from this course prepared and confident that I can tackle the problems we face as a union in recruiting new members into the CWU from recognized and non-recognized company’s and I urge anyone who is new or old to the reps job to have a look at the courses averscot lodge offer and get involved!!! 

So please visit for more information on courses.

Sam Hodge (Kent Invicta Branch)

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