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Working together is key

Kye Dudd

Kye Dudd

26 October 2010

At a time when workers are facing the biggest attack on their terms and conditions since the 1930’s, we surely must work with other trade unions. This is something I have been very keen to do in Bristol and the Southwest. We have to build relationships with young activists within all the unions but especially PCS, RMT, GMB, Unite and Unison.


Yesterday I took the first step in building a new relationship with PCS in the Southwest. I attended their regional youth committee down in Exeter. I went there with a proposal that the SWRYC have been working on. The proposal was to hold a joint regional youth education event with the PCS. The idea was well received and the event will take place at the end of February next year. The PCS suggested that we go further and not just limit participation to the PCS and CWU. We should also open it up to Unite and all other Unions that maybe interested.


It is my hope that this event will be a major icebreaker and I hope a solid relationship will be formed between young activists in the Southwest. This will hopefully see us in good stead for the coming years, as we must all work together to defend workers, the weak and the vulnerable against the Con-Dem Government.


I urge all young CWU activists to try and replicate something similar within their own region.





Kye Dudd

YAC Chair

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