London Recruits

London Recruits is the inspirational story of the young women and men who undertook on clandestine missions to apartheid South Africa when internal resistance had been crushed. Remaining secret for decades their incredible story is now being made into a film that CWU members and branches can help bring to the big screen. Find out how you can be amongst the first to see the film. 

The CWU and the Anti-Apartheid Movement 

By the 1960s, trade union, anti-apartheid and labour movements rallied behind the South African freedom struggle. The CWU joined a number of campaigns and demonstrations, donated funds, boycotted South African goods, disrupted postal and telecoms services to and from South Africa and lobbied with employers to disinvest in South African companies. 

The London Recruits selected for the missions were themselves young activists who came from the full spectrum of the labour and trade union movement and as such, the filmmakers behind London Recruits are working in collaboration with the unions to ensure that together we celebrate this important moment in our history. 

Why back London Recruits? 

This is a movie that you can help make. The project is appealing to members, regions and branches to support the project in anyway they can and help them reach their funding target by August 1st. You can be amongst the first to see the film via one of our trade union packages available on our website. 

The CWU have supported the film at a national level and the main themes of the film - of international solidarity, resistance against oppression and imaginative, direct campaigning - are all those that are very much part of the CWU’s core values. 


See trade union endorsements of the project here:

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Watch the official London Recruits trailer here 


Click the image below for a podcast with London Recruit and former postal worker Steve Marsling




1) Donate either personally or as a branch/group/ committee and take advantage of some of the great rewards which are on offer.

2) Book a special Q&A screening for your group/union branch/committee and be among the first to see the London Recruits film

3) Book a speaker to address your union/ branch committee meeting or solidarity/ campaign event

4) Request a London Recruits resource pack for more information on the film and how your branch/committee can get involved.

5) Like the film on Facebook/ follow us on Twitter and help us reach a wider audience