CWU Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA)

0CWU Youth actively supports and raises money for CWUHA as much as we can.

"Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid is a response to the plight of vulnerable children in other countries and the UK & Ireland from trade unionists, families and friends, who work in Britain's and Ireland's postal, telecom & financial industries.

CWUHA was set up in1995 in response to an appeal from trade unionists living in War torn Bosnia, in particular the town of Tuzla. The first convoy arrived in Tuzla in July 1995. The determination to deliver the aid direct to those who needed it most, cutting out the risk of it falling into the hands of self-interest middlemen, set the agenda for every CWUHA convoy that was to follow."

The 2014 CWU National Youth Education Event raised just over £367.55 from its raffle held at the social event.

Stewart's Ultimate Challenge for CWUHA