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That BIS report on the postal sector - what it says, what it means.

Simon Sapper

Today, the ninth report of the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee (BIS SC) on Competition in the postal services sector & the Univ...

Mental Health Awareness Day

Chantelle McNally

I have been holding organising events on a monthly basis within Capita O2. It became apparent that a lot of the workforce were suffering from some...

Rachel Reeves, Maternity Leave and CWUYouth

Simon Sapper

The utterly appalling  and reactionary  howls that  greeted Rachel Reeve’s maternity leave plans (

Big Businesses + The Working Class

Dan Lewis

Currently main stream media are telling us that businesses aren’t confident that Labour can control our economy. “Don’t trust Balls with the econom...

Where is the diversity?

Dan Lewis

I recently visited the cinema and we got there early to watch the adverts. I haven’t been to the cinema in a long time so wanted the full experienc...