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Differences aside

Ben Abrams

Last weekend (21/22 March) the TUC hosted its Young Workers Conference in London.  Ben Abrams, Youth Committee Chair and Becca Hufton, Youth Comm...

That BIS report on the postal sector - what it says, what it means.

Simon Sapper

Today, the ninth report of the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee (BIS SC) on Competition in the postal services sector & the Univ...

Mental Health Awareness Day

Chantelle McNally

I have been holding organising events on a monthly basis within Capita O2. It became apparent that a lot of the workforce were suffering from some...

Rachel Reeves, Maternity Leave and CWUYouth

Simon Sapper

The utterly appalling  and reactionary  howls that  greeted Rachel Reeve’s maternity leave plans (

Big Businesses + The Working Class

Dan Lewis

Currently main stream media are telling us that businesses aren’t confident that Labour can control our economy. “Don’t trust Balls with the econom...