Being on the National Youth Committee - My first impressions

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Elli Long

Newly elected National Youth Committee member Elli Long from the Greater Mersey and SW Lancashire Amal branch reflects on her first meeting, held at CWU HQ on 6 October.

On Thursday 6th October I attended my first national youth committee meeting at CWU HQ. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone was very friendly. The ice breaker session was a great help as it got us chatting to the person next to us and then we found out about each other when we had to report back to the group.  This give everyone the chance to talk in front of the group but it wasn’t so nerve wrecking as we were not talking about ourselves we were introducing our partner. The ice breakers also give us a chance to know how much experience each of us had which I thought was a great idea as we need to be thinking who we want as our chair and vice chair.

A presentation from Simon (Sapper,  national officer on how we fit into the union,  who are members are and what our history is) was really interesting as we were a mixed experience group I think it really does help to look back at the history of the union and when key events took place.

After a short lunch break Jo (Thair, who manages CWUYouth’s on-line presence) then gave a presentation about social media and we got to understand who in the room understood social media and who didn’t. I thought this presentation was great as it got everyone talking. The stats Jo presented to us I found really interesting as it showed how vital and important it is for us as youths to communicate with our youth members. In my opinion I believe social media is now slowly becoming the most important communication tool. I also think we need to up our game in the social media side and use all aspects of social media to show our members who we are and what we get up to as a committee. This will hopefully start next weekend (#NYEE16).

I look forward to next weekend (NYEE16) to spend more time with the committee and to engage the members attending. I look forward to helping out with the registration on the Friday when delegates arrive and I am looking forward to voting for our chair and vice chair.

I am excited to work alongside a great committee and hopefully make some great changes for the young members in our union.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Alan and Phil the retired members in my branch for suggesting I put my name forward to be on the national youth committee and would also like to thank my branch for the help and support they have given me from the very start.