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This union needs to campaign for affordable housing

Ben Abrams

30 January 2015

Affordable housing has been on many people's lips for a while now. The soaring price of private rentals in conjunction with the economic crisis is financially crippling people. Yet this...

I think I can say, with perfect confidence, that Liberty, the organisation, is rubbish

Guest Blogs

18 December 2014

National Officer Simon Sapper writes: As most readers will know, the CWU is affiliated to an organisation called Liberty.  This is a long established campaign group that champions and protects our civil...

Rejuvenating effects: How CWU made the most of Young Workers’ Month

Simon Sapper

10 December 2014

The following blog was originally written for the Stronger Unions website and is reproduced here. TUC Young Workers' Month (November 2014) helped raise the already-high profile of youth activity within the CWU. People...

Scotland No 1 - Speaks to Call Centre Workers

Chantelle McNally

4 December 2014

Call centre action month highlighted the difficulties call centre workers endure. It gave us as a union an opportunity to speak to members and non-members about these difficulties and highlight...

The Autumn Statement – why and how it matters

Simon Sapper

3 December 2014

A central theme of George Osborne's Autumn statement today is that the government has not got as much money as it wants to have or thought it would have.  The...

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