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0Rachel Wilson is a member of the Newcastle Amal branch and works for Royal Mail in Processing.

"I was asked by a member of the union as they thought I would be interested in work matters. I wanted to help out with the Durham Miners festival and attend the Women's, Disability and LGBT conferences".

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Matt Edwards is a member of the A&L (Leeds) branch and works for Alliance & Leicester (soon to be Santander UK)

"I was involved with NUS whilst I was a student and wanted to carry that involvement through to my new job. I was also aware that a lot of the social changes within society have come from within the trade union movement and wanted to be part of that."

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Daryl Bateson is a member of the York & District Amal branch and works for Royal Mail at the York central delivery office in the priority services locker.

"I wanted to get involved in the union as I wanted to help my colleagues and try to make a difference; so when I saw the sheets go on the notice board to sign up to be a delivery rep and sub rep I put my name down."

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0Sara Barnicoat is a member of the South West & Thames Valley Branch and works for a BT Call Centre as a COT adviser.

"I had been working for 2 years and everything seemed to change. There was a policy "if your face fit" or "it's not what you do, it's who you know". I was seeing people getting targeted and they weren't being treated fairly. On the other side of that there were people who were working hard and really good in their position but not getting the credit they deserved and missing out on the promotions, with regards to the two policies."

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0Ajit Singh is a member of the East Midlands Branch and works for BT Openreach in Leicester.

"Youth are integral to our union today and in the future, many younger people that I speak to about the union have little understanding how we work and what exactly we do, and because of this, are reluctant to be part of the CWU. Without people getting involved we will only get weaker."

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Dean Reason works at the Purley Telephone Exchange, WF&A for London South and is a member of the Croydon & South London Branch.

"I've not long been an active member as I was only elected as the youth officer in the first part of the year (2009). But I have found that the training and opportunities have been endless in comparison with my day job. So all in all very worthwhile and satisfying."

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0 Leanne Day works for BT Business sales and deals with enquiries from customers wishing to move premises.

"I feel and I hope youth members will be able to relate to me because I am no different to them. I do the same job and have the same struggles."

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